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All your IT needs fulfilled. Easily ordered and quickly delivered with an unmatched choice and competitive prices. One reliable web store with skilled staff supporting you to purchase the perfect IT business solution. Impossible? We don’t think so. We are, nice to meet you.

It is our mission to fulfill all your IT needs. This means that you can order virtually every IT related product at And with that we absolutely mean everything. From popular smartphones and tablets to the most reliable servers or storage solutions. And from straightforward network cables to the newest laptops or the smallest printer accessories. Any size and number your organization needs. And within the delivery time that you wish.

We mind your business
But why would you order at and not somewhere else? Easy. minds your business. We recognize your IT challenges – no matter how big or small your organization – and have established our services to meet those challenges. At, this means you own a front row seat for quick delivery of the largest catalogue, attractive prices and a reliable shop environment. Your privacy is guaranteed and we make sure your personal data is secured.

We do understand that the perfect, customized IT solution is not always clear. That is why we have – next to our web store – Ziva Business Solutions. Here, you get a dedicated account manager that seriously immerses himself into your organization. What are your office automation needs? How is your datacenter architecture defined? How do you deal with a complex IT infrastructure? And more importantly: which products and services fit your needs? We are more than glad to advise you. With Ziva Business Solutions, we offer you access to your own online portal, offering a clear overview of your orders, quotes, deliveries and invoices. Ziva Business Solutions mainly works with hundred plus organizations. Contact us at

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